When non-natives think of Los Angeles, they associate it with smog, traffic, people and more people. Before Zachary, I associated Los Angeles with the Dodgers, the Hollywood Walk of Fame and famous people.  I had only been to Los Angeles a number of times; so few you could count them on one hand.

When Zachary was born, Scott and I knew that we wanted to get him the best medical care we could possibly find.  After doing our research and learning that there was only one (1) doctor that performed this surgery in Las Vegas, we quickly started looking elsewhere for medical care.  We chose Shriner’s Hospital because it was close to Las Vegas and offered the best chance of giving our son a “normal” life.

When we came down for the initial appointment, I was frightened of driving in Los Angeles. So many people and cars coming at the same time, I was on overload.  It was overwhelming, but I found hope in this busy town.  I found hope that the incredible doctors at Shriner’s would be able to fix our son.

When the time came for Zachary’s first surgery, Zachary and I checked into the hospital a day early, just to ensure that Zachary had fasted through the night and that we were there for the early morning surgery.  After saying my good-byes to Scott, I laid with my little boy in my arms and knew without a doubt that everything was going to be okay.

During the night, Zachary woke up for his usual feedings, however, after midnight, he was unable to have any more liquids.  Try explaining to a 6 month old that they can’t eat.  While I held my crying baby and praying continually for some kind of relief, I looked out the windows of the hospital that overlooked Downtown LA.  I searched this great big city to find the answers to so many of life’s unanswered questions.

The solace, peace and stillness of the lights that glowed through Downtown were mesmerizing.  In the quiet of the night, I discovered a love for a beautiful and incredible city.  The draw of my soul to this town is indescribable.  Words can not express in that first night, while looking at lights and buildings in Los Angeles, the love I felt for the town that would inevitably change my little boy’s life.

Over the course of the next six (6) years, this was my routine with every hospital visit and every long night spent watching my little boy struggle in pain.  As he laid in bed, I searched for my favorite buildings. I watched the weary mother with her bags of groceries and her little kids or the elderly couple as they walked their dog.  Yet every time, without fail, I found inner peace and knew that my son would be okay. I felt like I was being rescued by the City of Angels.

When my husband and I mentioned that we were moving to Los Angeles, the response was always “LA?  With all the people?”  My husband and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. My heart wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

While being in Los Angeles, I have discovered who I truly am.  I have discovered my love for real estate and helping others plant their roots in this beautiful city.  I have made friends that are more than friends, they are my family.  Los Angeles is home.  The people are incredible.  The culture is amazing.  More than that, it’s a place I have connected with heart and soul.

I still love to drive and see the lights of Downtown LA.  I feel so much hope, peace and love for the city that has changed my son’s life.  The City of Angels saved not only my son, but me as well.

*On a side note, I saved this picture a number of years ago and I fail to remember the source.  Please forgive, but thank you to this photographer for this amazing pictures of Los Angeles.