This is my son, Zachary.  He is like any typical 9-year old little boy.  He loves Star Wars, he loves to play on the PS4, he loves to annoy his little sister and he is sweet and caring.  One thing sets him apart from other 9-year olds;  he has endured 15 surgeries so far in his short little time on earth.

Before Zachary was born, we knew that he would be born with cleft lip and palate.  My husband and I prayed continually that our son would not endure this hardship, however the Lord had a bigger plan that is slowly being revealed to us.  After researching everything that we could about cleft lip and palate babies, our special little boy came into the world.  We could not have been more in love with him.  Instantly we fell in love with his wide smile and his beautiful spirit.

This blog will discuss our course of action for his medical treatment for Zachary, the lessons we have learned from this incredible boy being in our family, and our own journey from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

I hope you enjoy this blog and I welcome any constructive insight or thoughts.  Please feel free to email me.